IntRESS aims to support and further develop international processes for more sustainable resource use. The project will develop and discuss science-based suggestions for international targets on sustainable resource use. The second part will identify and analyse windows of opportunities to anchor sustainable resource use in international policy processes and initiate a dialogue among ­international stakeholders on the need for such policies.

The project IntRESS focuses on the following key questions:

1) How can one derive internationally accepted, qualitative and quantitative 2050-targets for sustainable resource in the categories raw materials, water, and land use? How can scientific insights on planetary boundaries and social and economic concerns best be taken into account in such targets? What types of indicators could be most ­suitable to measure progress towards them?

2) What previous attempts exist to formulate and implement targets and standards on sustainable resource use at the international level? Are there opportunities to build on such previous achievements? Which existing international initiatives, processes, institutions and actors could play an important role for implementing sustainable ­resource use policies? How can an international consensus on sustainable resource use be found?